Perisher Jobs

Perisher offers a huge range of roles covering its operation and support functions during the ski season.

Positions available for the upcoming ski season include but are not limited to: Lift Operators, Ski Instructors, Chefs, Waitpersons, Bar Attendants, Kitchen Hands, Childcare Workers, Ski Patrollers, Retail Attendants, Hire Attendants and even Car Park Attendants. 

Positions can broadly be broken down into four main categories;

Our positions require a range of qualifications and experience but remember, when you’re applying to work with Perisher you’re applying for a job, not a holiday. Be Sure to watch a couple of our videos to get an insiders view of what working at Perisher is all about! 

Information for International Applicants Information for Accommodation Options

Leadership & Management Opportunities

Perisher believes in developing staff to progress to Supervisory and Management positions (when staff feel comfortable doing so). We focus on identifying leadership potential and offer career progression where possible. We increase the skill base of Managers and Supervisors through external and in-house Manager/Supervisor training sessions to facilitate development in this extremely important role.

One of the most important things to consider in choosing a job is look at what skills and experience you already have and how these best line up with the requirements of the roles available. You will also need to look at other factors such as whether you are more suited to indoor or outdoor work.