Perisher Jobs

Mountain Operations is one of the largest departments in the resort and is responsible for everything from the bottom of the slopes to the highest peaks.

All roles will involve working outdoors, except Train Drivers and Concourse who have more consistent indoor work.

Seasonal Positions Available:

  • Lift Operators

    Are the face of our resort and provide assistance to guests by, maintaining the ramps and are responsible for ensuring our guests' safety as they load and unload our ski lift system.
  • Car Park Attendants
Control the parking of a high volume of vehicles arriving at Perisher and Smiggin Holes.
  • Ski Patrollers

    Are trained for all medical emergencies and are the first response to injuries on the mountain. Ski Patrollers provide first aid and safety assistance for minor and severe trauma situations on the mountain. A minimum of two seasons Ski Patrol experience is required for this position.
  • Mountain Safety Assistants
Monitor the slopes for unsafe skiing and snowboarding. Advanced skiing or snowboarding ability is required for this position.
  • Groomer Operators
    Maintain and groom all runs throughout the resort. This role involves shift work and experience working in a ski resort is essential.
  • Snowmakers
    Monitor snowmaking equipment to ensure the highest quality of snow is being produced. This role involves shift work and experience working in a ski resort is essential.
  • Transport Drivers
Are responsible for operating shuttle buses for our guests and over-snow vehicles for the distribution of goods throughout the resort.
  • Train Drivers
Are responsible for transporting passengers, luggage and goods on Skitube, Perisher’s underground railway. The rail system runs from Bullocks Flat up to Blue Cow Mountain via Perisher Valley.
  • Concourse Attendants

    Ensure the safety of our guests travelling on the Skitube whilst assisting with luggage handling, crowd control and providing resort information.

 Note: Not all listed positions may be available. Please select 'Apply' and 'Search Openings' to view our current vacancies.