Perisher Jobs

Group Interviews will be held for various seasonal positions. All applicants will be contacted as soon as possible after interviews have taken place and by no later than mid-May.

For our winter seasonal roles, interviews are conducted in selected locations in Australia – Including Jindabyne, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Interview Dates for 2017

Jindabyne - 28th March

Wollongong - 30th March

Sydney - 31st March and 1st April

Newcastle - 2nd and 3rd April

Gold Coast - 4th and 5th April

Brisbane - 5th and 6th April

Successful applicants will be provided with information on interview venues and how to view available session times and schedule an interview timeslot via the online portal.

Group Interviews:

For the majority of Perisher’s winter seasonal positions, interviews will be conducted in a group format and take approximately three hours. During the process, you will be asked to complete several tasks both individually, as a small team and within the full group. Rest assured that while you may start off nervous, by the time you have finished the process, you will have made approximately 30 new friends. All we ask is that you be yourself and bring a positive attitude.

Sonru Interviews:

Certain roles will be interviewed by Sonru which is a video interview. Interviewees receive a series of questions and then have an allocated amount of time to answer each question verbally to their webcam.

Unlike a Skype interview, there isn’t anyone asking the questions from another webcam. This means the benefit of using Sonru is that interviewees can complete their interview at a time that is convenient for them.

Letters of Offer:

Successful applicants will be given access to their own Perisher Employee Profile and receive an electronic letter of offer with the details of the position offered. Applicants will then be able to accept or decline this offer. Once an offer is accepted, other relevant onboarding activities will be sent via email.